Without turning around to face your opponent, you use your elbow to strike behind Buy CS:GO Skins.Simple, right?One single strike, wouldn't you agree?Well, Bruce Lee wanted to make sure that his rear elbow strike was precise, had a natural feeling, and could be modified to fit a particular situation.


Would you be surprised if I told you that Bruce Lee practiced the simple back elbow with more than 20 situational changes?He considered the range of using the rear elbow for infighting versus an attacking or countering range.When Bruce practiced his rear elbow strike as an attack, he practiced high strikes against a right lead stance, and he practiced low, rear-elbow strikes against the same lead.He also put into his martial practice both high and low rear-elbow strikes against a left lead.Then, after he considered his elbow attacks to the rear,


he went through the same process with martial arts counterattacks -- both high and low, to a right and then a left lead.From there, he used the rear elbow strike combined with other infighting tactics and techniques -- still with high and low, versus left and then CSGO Buy Skins.