Can a Small Person Really Beat a Big Guy in a Fight.Let's say you are CSGO Skins, and you have to fight a giant behemoth in front of you ...Do you have a chance?Can you get the upper hand?I am a big guy -- I am of medium height, and I weigh over 270 lbs.My wife is not big -- under 62 inches,


and weighs less than 120 lbs.She and I practice martial arts together all of the time.I have my heavy-guy tactics.And she has her preferred moves and strategies.Are you small? Would you like to know her strategies?1  She weights for me to execute large-motion attacks.In other words, she makes me come to her with a slower attack.Then she darts with quick motions.2  In general, she darts.


She has practiced advancing and retreating without telegraphing.It makes her seem faster.3  She avoids a grappling situation with me.Any situation, where I rely on my weight is not good for her.Her darting keeps her at a distance.4  When my wife, Kate, comes into a closer range, she reaches up the center.Big guys have problems closing that line -- their elbows can't AWP Skins CS GO in front of their chest.