Have a follow-up technique for the instant the strike has made CS:GO Skins.In traditional Kali, the hand punches into the flesh, and as soon as it clears the arm, it comes up over the top, back in for an eye jab.Personally, I follow with a face hit AND an arm bar.Test to see how your opponent reacts to fakes.


If you have a blocker, then don't worry so much about the response to your upper-arm strike.A more direct response could cause you problems.Test to see if your opponent has a true feel for center-line theory.Most martial artists can talk a good game, but the speech doesn't translate into the physical world.If your opponent can't reorient to the center by feel, then you'll probably be pretty safe with your upper arm strike.


Take this Martial Arts Concept to the Next Level.If you want to improve on this technique, start asking yourself some questions...What about timing and the upper-arm strike? Which lead is preferred, or does it matter? How big of an Buy CS:GO Skins do you need, to go up through the center?