When up against someone who has the advantage of more accurate CS GO Skins prices: you will most likely lose.It's a gamble you shouldn't be taking.6.Flanking: Gives me a warm-fuzzy.Pinned down, but know another way around the back/side? One guy keeps them busy, the others go around.


The one guy can make a whole bunch of noise to mask the approach of the other team.Straight-up fights are for suckers.I find shooting someone in the back of the head is much more satisfying then cramming my barrel into his chest hoping he dies before I do.7.


Being pinned-down goes back to 5 : If two of your teammates round a corner and get picked off by snipers, what should you do? If you said, "Run right after them and try to kill the sniper" then just let me know and I'll shoot you in the Buy Skins CS GO.