A second AWPer will usually cover what you are unable to, but if none exists cover the CS:GO Skins they are missing.Slowly make your way around the level.The AWP is not a quiet gun and on it's sound alone an enemy can find where your shot came from.Use the walls on the right and left for cover shooting through your own spawn point and to theirs.


Drop it if necessary.For the rushing player the SMG, TMP, Mac10, and p90 are taken so they can get to the other side as fast as possible with a gun they can spray with.Typically, this does not end well for the rusher because an AWPer is watching one of the sides they rushed on.Going up the middle often meets the safe fate due to the assault guns, and the AWP itself, well positioned to guard these areas from the start of the round.


A rushing player may find it better to turn into the middle of the level and let all the other team's snipers check their points first before rushing in.Time is short on the map, so staying one second too short, or one second too long, at any spot may have you surrounded at any time, but the pause is important to make use of the opposing players natural rhythm to check the paths for Buy CS:GO Skins.